top 10 best destination places in Bihar



Bihar is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world with history of 3000 years. The rich culture and heritage of Bihar is evident from the innumerable ancient monuments that are dotted all over this state in eastern India. This is the place of Aryabhata, Great Ashoka,Chanakya,Mahavira, Guru Gobind Singh, Chandragupta Maurya,Vatsyayana, Sher Shah Suri and many other great historical figures.

Bihar has many tags attached to it. The state owns the pride of beginning and building on one among the first democracies in the world called Lichhavi. The earliest university in the world was established in Bihar. The name Bihar is a derivative from Vihara, which meansmonastery’. True to its name and its rich cultural history, the state houses different (places where religious people live by themselves) and it is famous for monuments belonging to different religions. The major empires of India rose to great heights here and they gave in here also. River Ganga enriches the plains of the (not having any sea or ocean coast) state and adds/gives to the life-creating ability of lands along with rivers Kosi and Gandak. A wonderful place with a rich history offers many tourist attractions out of which, the top 10 places to visit in Bihar are talked about/said below.

Griddhakuta Peak

Griddhakuta Peak is in a very well-known way known as the (bird that eats dead animals) peak. Located in Rajgir, the peak looks like the shape of (bird that eats dead animals) and it is went to/attended by (birds that eat dead animals) in great numbers. Buddha delivered some of his famous religious speeches here and hence it is considered holy and untouchable for Buddhists. The steps formed by cutting rocks lead you to two caves that are naturally formed. For those who find the trip physically challenging, chairlift facilities are available to reach the hilltop.


Rajgir Hot Springs

Hot springs in Rajgir are famous tourist spots. Located at the foot of Vaibhava Hills, the springs get their water from Saptadhara, which passes behind Saptaparni Caves. The hot springs are considered to possess medicinal properties. Among the hot springs, Brahmakund spring is the hottest and has a temperature of 450 Celsius. It is believed that Lord Buddha and Mahavira had washed/covered in these hot springs.

Hot_Springs_Rajgir_17461Navlakha PalaceLocated in the town of Rajnagar near Madhubani in Bihar, the palace was built in the 17th century (years after the year 1) by Maharaja Rameshwar Singh of Darbhangha. It suffered extreme damage caused by an earthquake in 1934, and sadly wasn‘t rebuilt after. Located near the kamala river is a marble temple of the goddess kali, and it‘s still widely visited, another temple of the goddess Durga forms an important part of the palace, and is still in operation, also known as the Rajnagar palace complex, it‘s one of the major tourist attractions in Mithila and people come to visit all year round.naulakha_palace_bihar

Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall

Built in memory of the famous Chinese educated person and traveler Hieun Tsang, the construction is rich in (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.). Hieun Tsang spent more than 12 years in this place on his visit to India. This was the place where Hieun Tsang learned yoga under the guidance of Acharya Shil Bhadra. The famous traveler has thrown light on (very old time in history) India and Nalanda, which are found in the memorial hall.


Jalmandir Temple

Jalmandir Temple is located in the middle of a lake, which is full of lotuses. King Nandivardhan, who was the older brother of Lord Mahavira is said to have built the temple. The temple is in the shape of a Vimana. The place where Lord Mahavira reached Samadhi and the place he was burned up are marked in the temple. The 600 ft long bridge made of stone connects the temple to the banks of the pond.

Jalmandir Temple

Patna Museum

Patna Museum was built in 1917. The building is a blend of Rajput and Mughal (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.). The museum houses (related to studying people who lived a very long time ago) objects, paintings, sculptures and images by artists belonging to Hinduism and Buddhism. The museum also has a 200 million old (something in a rock that lived a long time ago/old, outdated thing) of a tree. At 12 noon every day, you can view picture source connected to culture. You will find the museum to provide information on the culture and tradition of the place. The museum remains closed on Mondays.


Nalanda University

Nalanda University was established during the 5th century (years after the year 1) The university is considered the first (where there are lots of homes) university ever in the world. The university stands proof for the well-known/obvious role played by India in giving/communicating knowledge. The university had 2000 teachers who taught over 10000 students from all parts of the world. The (quality of being unlike anything else in the world) of the place could be gauged by the fact that Buddha himself was a teacher here and Hieun-Tsang, Chinese traveler and a great educated person, was a student of this university. Red rocks were used in the construction, which is built in Kushana style of (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.). The remains dug out from the university ruins include stupas, decorated panels, lecture halls and stairway.


Bodhi Tree

Bodhi Tree is located about 100 km from Patna. Buddha (accomplished or gained with effort) understanding under this tree and hence it is a traveler (to a holy place) center for Buddhists who come from all parts of the world. The place where it is located has been declared a World History Site by UNESCO. On your visit to Bodhi Tree, you will find Maha Bodhi Temple, which is holy and untouchable to those who follow Buddhism. The (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.) of the temple goes to show the richness and grace of Indian (related to the beautiful design and construction of buildings, etc.).


Muchalinda Lake

Muchalinda Lake buys (and owns) the name after Shesh Naga or the Snake King Muchalinda who protected Buddha during a storm while he was into the sixth week of deep thinking. Muchalinda protected Buddha from the rising waves and in honor of his services; the place was named after him. You could find the sculpture showing the hood protecting Buddha who is in the state of bunch of deep thinking about snake coil. The green trees by the lake and the beautiful greenery make it the most went to/attended tourist spot in Bodh Gaya.