Union Territories


Union Territory - West


Delhi is the capital of India. It is a major entry point for India many major international flights go through New Delhi. It blends an historic past and a vibrant present.The city is a curious blend of the modern and traditional crafts, shopping arcades, beautiful gardens, handicrafts and architectural excellence.See More delhi


Pondicherry is a union territory of India. It is a surprise town in India because of its weel-laid wide streets carring french names and kept unpolluted. Pondicherry is derived from the Tamil language word which means new town. The culture is very assorted with churches, temples, and mosques all standing with their diverse identities in peace and harmony. Pondicherry is richly cosmopolitan and nearly 55 languages are spoken here. It is quite famous for the Aurobindo Ashram and Auroville where he spent his golden years. Major dance forms are Bharatnatyam and Kuchipudi while Carnatic style of music is the widespread musical tradition.See More



Chandigarh, derives its name from a temple Chandi Mandir in the vicinity of the site selected for the city (deity Chandi, goodess of power), and a fort or ‘garh” beyond the temple, called Chandigarh. It is twin capital of the northern states of Punjab and Haryana. It lies in the valley surrounded by Shiwalik Hills that hem the great Himalayas. Besides the architectural beauty that abounds in every corner of the city, the wide tree-lined avenues, rolling green scapes, clubs, shopping centres & numerous other places provide captivating experience. It is a gateway to many hill stations & tourist destinations. There are the beautifull hill stations of Kasauli, Chail & Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, just a few hours drive from the city.See More



The lovely beaches and coral beds of Andaman islands are a traveler’s delight. Adventure tourism like trekking, island camping, snorkeling, scuba diving etc are the real attractions. A visit to these islands is a unforgettable lifetime experience. The rare flora and fauna, underwater marine life and corals, with crystal clear water and mangrove-lined creeks, offer a dream-view of the exceptional blessings of nature. Forests are the green gold of the island and there are endless variety of flowers and birds. The Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands consists nearly 293 islands. The administrative capital of the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands is Port Blair that offers several spots worth visiting. The richness of the marine life at the Andaman and the Nicobar Islands can only be experienced and enjoyed. Nicobars are located southeast of the Indian subcontinent.See More


Lakshadweep is an exciting tourist destination and the most new attraction of India. Lakshadweep islands are the only coral islands of India. It is vastly scattered group of the coral islands that are 36 in total. Kadmat, Agatti, Kavaratti, Bangaram, Kalpeni, and Minicoy are the famous tourist islands. The beautiful scenery of Lakshadweep that includes grand lagoons, silver seashores, incessant miles of sun soaked sand and lush green swaying palms with amazing aquatic flora and fauna make the experience of water sports the best experience.See More



DADAR & NAGAR HAVELI Surrounded by Gujarat and Maharashtra, only a short distance from the blue of the Arabian Sea, Dadra and Nagar Haveli is actually a tie-up of 72 villages that were once governed by the Portuguese. With its capital at Silvassa, it is a haven for travellers seeking solitude in the lap of nature. This tranquil magical land of 70 villages, sandwiched between the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra, near Daman, was liberated in 1954 from the Portuguese. Confined to an area of only 491 sq. km, this is the homeland of some simple, brave and colourful tribals, who have enriched it with their rich folklore and vibrant lifestyle.See More


Daman and Diu

The union territories of Daman and Diu lie on the edge of the southern borders of Gujarat, in western India. The northern side of the isolated island, Diu, facing Gujarat, is made of tidal marsh and saltpans, while the southern coast alternates between limestone cliffs, rocky coves and sandy beaches. Known for their beaches and exotic liquors, these twin islands are a tourist’s haven for escaping the cacophony of mundane life. Be it the rich historic past or the faint songs of the anglers, everything in Daman and Diu assist in creating a paradise for one in search of tranquility.See More

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