Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir is the northernmost state of India. Jammu is noted for its scenic landscape, ancient temples and mosques, Hindu and Muslim shrines, castles, gardens and forts. The Hindu holy shrines of Amarnath in Kashmir Valley attracts about .4 million Hindu devotees every year. Vaishno Devi also attract millions of Hindu devotees every year. Jammu’s historic monuments feature a unique blend of Islamic and Hindu architecture styles.

Tourism forms an integral part of the Kashmiri economy. Often dubbed “Paradise on Earth”, Kashmir’s mountainous landscape has attracted tourists for centuries. Notable places are Dal Lake, Srinagar Pahalgam, Gulmarg, Yeusmarg and Mughal Gardens etc. Kashmir’s natural landscape has made it one of the popular destinations for adventure tourism in South Asia.

In recent years, Ladakh has emerged as a major hub for adventure tourism. This part of Greater Himalaya called “moon on earth” consists of naked peaks and deep gorges.Leh, the capital, is also a growing tourist spot.

Udhampur… Recalling the Glorious Past

Named after Raja Udham Singh, Udhampur city is the second-largest city in Jammu area. Set in the middle of beautiful green surroundings and fringed by eucalyptus trees, Udhampur is one of the best tourist attractions in Jammu & Kashmir. A delight for history lovers, the city offers many (things that survived from the past) dating back to the time of hugely important (work) of Mahabharata. The Krimachi group of temples are said to be the oldest structures in the city. Udhampur is also famous for the underground river Devika, which is considered the sister of Ganga. Visit the Ramnagar fort, located about 40kms from Udhampur and built by Raja Suchet Singh. Moungri Cave shrine, Pingla Mata and Sudh Mahadev temple are other well-known/obvious places that must be visited in Udhampur.

 Gulmarg… Entailing Adventure and Excitement
gulmargDubbed as skiersparadise, Gulmarg is in fact among the best places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir. Located about 52kms away from capital city Srinagar, (land area of grass and flowers) of Flowers as it is popularly called Gulmarg is a safe place for fun trip fans. Along with well-known/obvious skiing options, traveling, snowboarding, golfing, mount biking and fishing are the most important options that Gulmarg overwhelms you with. Visit Kongdori, Shark Fin and Apparwath Peak not only for skiing but also to see the great natural (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land) of Gulmarg. Other places to see the blessings of beautiful nature near Gulmarg are Nagin Valley (for which you have journey), Khilanmarg, Frozen Lake and Bota Pathri. Baba Reshi and Gulmarg Gondola (Cable car) also makes for a must visit in Gulmarg.
Kathua… Enthralling Expedition Experience
Because of the existence of a large number of Sufi shrines, Kathua is dubbed as the City of Sufis. The city is beautifully located on the bank of river and offers itself as one of the best places to visit in Jammu & Kashmir. True to its title, Kathua houses (more than two, but not a lot of) religious places including Jasrota temple (inside Jasrota fort), Mata Sundrikote, Mata Bala Sundri, Sapt Sarober and Airwan temple. It is ideal to pay respectful and honor-filled message to one of these holy and untouchable places as in to understand the (interest in religion/belief in a higher power) winning (or most common) in Kathua. A recreation park called Dream has also been set up in Kathua promising a fascinating rafting experience. The Ujh Blast/attack located 20kms away from Kathua is a peaceful picnic spot. Kathua also invites the history lovers to Jasrota Fort to see the grand beauty built (in a nice-looking or well-behaved way) by Maharaja Ranbir Singh. Also the temple of Maha Kali in the Jasrota village has come out as a popular holy trip centre in the area. Kathua is a perfect blend of culture and tradition and offers a real picture of Jammu and Kashmir.
Kupwara… Rightfully the Crown of Kashmir
kupwaraNoted for natural beauty and charm, Kupwara is in fact a very important part of Jammu & Kashmir tourism. The beautiful (land areas of grass and flowers), mountain-related mountains and the gushing clear water make Kupwara an important tourist attraction in the state. Bragging of sky-high mountain peaks like Fakesbari (12000ft above sea level), Nastachun (10273ft above sea level) and Dajalonjun (16000ft above sea level), this district shows a good example of the beauty of Kashmir. The Ainch Mountain offers the opportunity to get a very wide view of the Valley/life of Kashmir from its top. There are also many historical villages that allow the history lovers to think about including Gushi (Built by Kashi Shah), Karnah (talked about/said in Raj Tarangini written by Kalhana) and Keran. However, the Lolab Valley steals the limelight and Kheer Bhawani Asthapan, Hazrat Mehmood Shah Shrine, Shaloora shrine and many other make for other brilliant option for sightseeing in Kupwara.

Sonmarg… The Kingdom of Untainted Beauty
sonmargNeedless to say that without a visit to Sonmarg, a trip to Jammu & Kashmir would be incomplete. Blessed with the very best (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land), Sonmarg make for a fancy visual treat. Famous for many trip options, there is a large number of journey and short routes that lead to places like Gangabal Lake, Kishansar Lake, Vishansar Lake, Naranag, Haramukh Mountain and the famous Baltal and Thajiwas Huge mass of ice. Baltal, which is located 15kms away from Sonmarg, is used as the base camp for religious Amarnath Yatra. Sonmarg. Do not miss out on the opportunity to visit Zojila Pass, which is located near Sonmarg and connects Kashmir and Ladakh.
Pulwama… Where the Fields are Saffron and the Sky is Blue
pulwamaFriendly climate, nice-smelling saffron fields and friendly people welcome you to Pulwama district. Lose yourself in the beauty of sprawling saffron fields and the rich culture that dwells here. Pulwama gives you quite a large number of places for sightseeing including Nagberan, Tarsar Lake, Marsar Lake, Shikargarh and Aripal Nag. Where, Nagberan is a small (beautiful to look at) town that draws lot of nature lovers to it, there Shikargarh is known for attracting wildlife lovers. On the other side, Tarsar and Marsar are two famous lakes that must be visited for its the very best beauty. Another attraction of Pulwama is Aripal Nag, which is located 11kms from Tral town and is famous for natural water springs. If you love and honor visiting historical places and shrines then the Avantishwar Temple is a must visit for you.
Doda… Gem of Jammu
dodaWith different (wide view of a nature scene/wide area of beautiful land), Doda has won the hearts of many. A perfect place for both nature lovers and fun trip fans, it is in fact a great option for spending holidays in Jammu & Kashmir. You can take up easy traveling routes, to keep your holiday relaxing and at the same time (enjoys doing fun new things). However for those who want to add an extra edge to their trip can also go for activities like mountaineering and rock climbing. Along with Bhaderwah and Chinta, the beautiful Kishtwar valley draws lot of tourists. The two Hindu shrines namely, Chandi Mata Temple and Athra Devi Temple can also be visited here.
Poonch… Swathed with Sheer Beauty
If you are a travel fan in real sense, then Poonch is one place that you must visit. Located on India-Pakistan border, Poonch certainly has something that draws travel fans from all over the world. Fringed by Pir Panjal range, it is one of the most (beautiful to look at) places that we meet in J & K. Green and beautiful green (land areas of grass and flowers), mountain-related mountains, stunning natural lakesto cut it short, Poonch is just beautiful/putting under a spell! The waterfall at Behram Galla named as Noori Chhamb, the seven lakes (Sukhsar, Neelsar, Bhagsar, Katorasar, Kaldachnisar and Nandansar) at Girgan Dhok, the 18th century Poonch Fort and small villages like Mandi and Surankote are the highlights of the valley. There are many shrines and temples like Budha Amarnath in Mandi, Respected expertdwara Nangali Sahib, Respected expertdwara Deri Sahib, Ziarat Sain Illahi Bakhsh Sahib, Battalkote that are quite popular and should be visited in Poonch.
Pangong Lake… The Azure Beauty
pangong-lakeThe beautiful Pangong Lake has become a popular place to visit in Jammu & Kashmir after it was featured in the bollywood blockbuster 3 Idiot. The lake is situated about 214kms away from Leh and is famed for its azure water and its picture perfect surroundings. The marshy area in the vicinity of the lake is a shelter for many indigenous and migratory birds, thus a nature lover can also enjoy bird watching.
Zanskar… Entrenching Beauty and Excitement
Blessed with nature’s best, Zanskar defines Ladakh, it has in fact one of the most beauty locales that attract lot of adventure and nature lovers. Zongkhul, Zangla, Stongdey, Karsha and Panikhar are the highlights of the Zanskar region, where Zongkhul and Stongdey are old monasteries; there Zangla is an old castle. Another spectacular place to visit in Zanskar is Pensi La which is a high pass that divides Zanskar from Suru Valley. Panikhar, which is the border of Sur Valley, is also an excellent place to visit in the vicinity of the valley of Zanskar. You can also enjoy mountaineering, trekking and rafting activities here as well.
Srinagar… Redefines Beauty
The capital city Srinagar is the prized possession of the Valley/life of Kashmir. Drinking many colors of the state, it reflects the real Jammu & Kashmir. The city sits quietly on the bank of Jhelum and thinks about the energetic liveliness. The canopied Shikara boats, fancy and comfortable houseboats, snow-capped mountains and the sparkling water of Dal and Nageen Lake come together to bring the picture of real Srinagar come alive. The blessing of Predictor of the future Mohammad from Hazratbal Shrine and Jama Masjid, the God/godlike quality of Shankarcharya temple, short look of floating vegetable market and the plenty flora and animal population, all honor the capital city with a title of Paradise on Earth. Srinagar also makes/gives great options for activities like bird watching (Dachigam Wildlife Safe place) water skiing (Dal Lake, Nagin Lake and Bod-dal), golfing (Kashmir Golf Course), traveling (towards Pir Panjal, 89 kms from Srinagar) and boating (Shikara ride on Dal Lake and Nagin Lake) and so makes holidays in Jammu & Kashmir a successful big, important trip.