Tourism in Jharkhand contributes a major share in the economy of Jharkhand. With the coming of the foreigners in India, tourism of Jharkhand has grown by leaps and bounds.

Jharkhand is known to possess diverse physical features like hills and forests within the territory. These hills and forests, along with the holy shrines, museums, wildlife sanctuaries, etc. largely contribute towards Jharkhand tourism.

Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, is rightly called the City of Waterfalls. Blessed with the best of nature, Ranchi fascinates your soul with authority. It is so rich in mineral useful things/valuable supplies that it is also called as the ‘Manchester of the East‘. Here are the top attractions in Ranchi.


Jamshedpur owns the pride of being home to Tata Steel, the first private iron and steel company in the country. With many industries, both small and large scale, growing/healthy/showing and waving here, it is in fact a surprise to see that the city has rich greenery and is (surrounding conditions) friendly. Here are the leading attractions in Jamshedpur.

Deoghar, the City of Temples, is a famous traveler (to a holy place) spot for followers of Hinduism. This very old town has many temples and some are in (beautiful to look at) (surrounding conditions). Have a feel of the land regardless of the faith you believe in and you are sure to enjoy every moment of it. Here are some of the top attractions in the city.

Hazaribagh, as its name suggests, is a land of flora and animal population. The name Hazaribagh means a thousand gardens and the city lives up to its name. Located at a height of 2019 feet above sea level, the city is a well known health resort. Here are some top destinations in Hazaribagh.

Dhanbad, the ‘Coal Capital of India‘, ranks 79th among the fastest growing cities in the world. While the city‘s earlier history remains a mystery, its present development is no secret to the world as it lies at the center of the heart of the country‘s richest coal fields. Here are the places to visit in Dhanbad.

Bokaro is famous for its steel and coal industries. The (valuable things from nature) available here has turned the city into a leading industrial hub. It is however not all industries as it has its share of beautiful greenery too. Here are some top tourist spots in Bokaro.

Giridih, called the ‘Land of Hillsis also known as ‘The Land of Jain Travelers (to holy places)‘. The highest peak of Jharkhand lies here. Being carved out from Hazaribagh, Giridih shares its history. The land has a lot of mineral useful things/valuable supplies. It brags of long/big forests too. Here are some leading attractions in Giridih.
If you long to be in the middle of the richness of nature, Netarhat, Queen of Chotanagpur, is the right place for you. The peacefulness in the air and (beautiful to look at) (wide views of nature scenes/wide areas of beautiful land) just blow your mind. The jungle covered hill station is the coolest place in the whole of Jharkhand. Here are the top tourist destinations in Netarhat.

Palamu has a rich past going by old stories/famous people but real evidences are yet to be dug up. The old stories/famous people about the land are interesting and present a picture/situation of rich cultural background. Here are the leading attractions in Palamu.

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