The pilgrim places of Haryana are thronged by devotees all over the year, who visit the important religious places to seek divine blessings and eternal happiness.

The state of Haryana has a long historical and cultural tradition which is manifested in the numerous religious places which fills the tourist with an intense sense of satisfaction. Some of the notable “Pilgrim Destinations” of Haryana are:

Kurukshetra– The historical place of “Kurukshetra” is the cradle of Hindu civilisation. The fierce battle field of the holy land of “Kurukhshetra” is a witness to the discourse between the mighty and valiant ruler “Arjuna” and his divine charioteer “Lord Krishna”.


 Haryana Tourism 10+ Best Tourist Places to Visit in Haryana

Just next to the foothills of Aravalli Mountains a very beautiful and rich area lies, and we call it a state ‘Haryana’. It represents the Hindu goddess Vishnu. Mahabharata, a huge/famous fight, was also fought here and that is the reason that this place has a strong religious importance among Hindu religion. Earlier this was part of the Punjab state, but in year 1966 Punjab was divided in two states and one of them is Haryana. As this state lies next to the capital of India, ‘Delhi’, connectivity to this has no issues. Huge amount of very old culture and history is what attracts so many people every year. Sprawling in large area of 44,000 square kilometers, it has a very stable farm-related part/area. Let‘s see, what are the places famous as itourist destinationsin Haryana.
Best Tourist Places to Visit in Haryana (A brief data on top places)


An industrial (and/combined with) (related to big business) hub, Gurgaon is located near capital of India. The type of development and establishment which has happened in this area over the past 10 years is highly worthy of compliments and it has lead this place to become a good spot to have fun. Although we cannot say that it is a tourist destination, but yes for spending one day here is quite good. Top brands of clothes, hotel, cars and much more, are present in this city. This is the reason why so much crowd get‘s attracted towards this city. Some of the places which you might want to visit are: Kingdoms of dreams, iSKATE, Sultanpur national bird safe place etc.


It is said that the fight of Mahabharata happened in this area and it holds a religious importance in the hearts of Hindu culture. (more than two, but not a lot of) places like Sri Krishna Museum, Jyotisar, Brahma Sarovar are some of the main attractions.


A Historic point where some of the bloodiest fights happened in Indian history. In Indian history, this area has always been famous for experiencing fight between great empires fighting for their control. Places like Grave of Ibrahim Lodhi, Kabuli Bagh Mosque, Devi Temple are some of the main attractions.


Just 4 hours drive from Delhi; Faridabad is another industrial (and/combined with) commercial hub that is newly appearing very fast. With Aravalli hills on the side and few lakes on the other, this city has lot to offer. With upcoming housing projects, some of the charm has been lost by this city but natural beauty a little bit is still there. Surajkund Lake, Badkhal Lake, Camp Wild are some of the star attractions. In evening nice views of Aravalli mountains are extremely clean/excellent and a walk over these mountains is always (gave opinions about what could or should be done about a situation) by travelers. Green (areas of grassy land) on these mountains are really something to go for.


As such this is not a ‘tourist spot‘, but still like other cities, it has its own places where people come in large numbers to visit. It is among the places that holds the largest Army bases in India. Paget Park, Sis Ganj Respected expertdwara, Badshahi Bag Respected expertdwara etc. are the star attractions.


This is the main town of the district Mahendragarh. In very old time in history this town was called as Nar Rashtra, which means ‘fear of lions‘. Doshi is a famous hill here and it is considered as very lucky. Chor Gumbad, Khalda Wale Hanuman ji, Grave of Ibrahim Khan Sur etc. are the star attractions.


This district is famous for its couple of star attraction like Dhosi Hill, Jal Mahal, Modawala Mandir, Tripolia Gateway. March is the ideal time to visit this area.


Pinjore is located near to Chandigarh. The closest airport is Chandigarh International airport. Pinjore is famous for Mughal gardens and Shivalik hills. Pinjore (Yadavindra) Gardens and Mughal Gardens are famous places to visit here.

Ferozpur Jhirka

Located in Mewat District and Gandhi Garden, Sheetala Mata Mandir is a famous place to visit.


Karnal is among the fastest growing cities in India. Karnal was founded by Kaurva for the King Karna. Although there are different places like hotels, parks but Karnal Lake is the most famous place to visit.


This city is located 70 Km northwest of Delhi. It is among the most promising growing city in India. The Bani Khera Farm is a famous place to visit and you will get to know about traditional village life of Haryana.


Rewari is 20 Km from capital Delhi and a possible hub for industrial setups. Rewari History Steam Locomotive Museum is a place must to see.


Chandigarh is the common capital of both Haryana and Punjab. It is among the most planed city in India and Le Corbusier‘s designed this beautiful city. With city divided into proper sections and proper roads make trip in this city much more good/helpful. In terms of natural beauty this city is not very far from any other leading city. A blend of two different cultures namely Haryana and Punjab can be easily seen here. Capital Complex, Nek Chand Fantasy Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake are some of the star attractions of Chandigarh. This city can be visited in any month of the year and in winters climate conditions are very good/helpful.